Ebmpapst ArgoDrive enables omnidirectional driving

Driving/steering system for Automated Guided Vehicles

The ArgoDrive driving/steering system from ebmpapst for AGVs is a unit consisting of motors, special transmissions, sensors and all the necessary connections and allows for free-range navigation.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are considered a forward-looking solution for the fast and flexible flow of goods. However, a lot of space has to be reserved for track-guided vehicles. By contrast, omnidirectional systems powered by the new ArgoDrive driving/steering system from ebmpapst allow any travel maneuvers and transport up to two tons of total weight.

AGVs are now indispensable in many warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities. However, they usually travel in a rigid and inflexible way along the line markings on the floor, and the limited maneuverability also results in a high surface requirement or lengthy positioning cycles. Selective approaching of production stations or automatic route changes are not possible.

Omnidirectional driving
Transport vehicles with omnidirectional motion, on the other hand, can carry out precise maneuvers even in very confined environments. The infinite steering angle enables space-saving, free-range vehicle movement – even from a stationary position. This mobility is required for fine positioning at the machine and at material transfer stations in particular.

Driving/steering system for free-range mobility
A new drive solution for AGVs with free-range mobility is the ArgoDrive driving/steering system from ebmpapst. It is a unit consisting of motors, special transmissions, sensors and all the necessary connections. Its two motors contribute towards steering, acceleration, movement and braking, depending on requirements. Just two ArgoDrives on opposite corners of an AGV guarantee full omnidirectionality, two additional freely moving support wheels ensure stability. Depending on requirements, any number of drive systems can also be installed. 

Four ArgoDrives transport up to two tons 
The ArgoDrive can be used even for heavy loads and on inclines. Ebmpapst offers its driving/steering system in the light, standard and heavy versions for weight classes up to 100, 300 or 500 kg. For example, four driving/steering systems in the heavy version allow a total vehicle weight of up to two metric tons.

Condition Monitoring thanks to digitalization
Motors like those in the ArgoDrive also function as sensors that detect a large number of conditions. For example, if torque increases, wear can occur on the wheel module. Thanks to GreenIntelligence and Condition Monitoring, the necessary replacement of the wheel module can be announced in good time before a failure. The data recorded by the engine supports higher-level systems that generate added value in this way. 

Post time: Dec-16-2022