RadiFlex – New EC blower from ebmpapst

Greater efficiency and flexibility for range hoods 

The new RadiFlex from ebmpapst is characterized by its high performance and compact size.

EC technology is also gaining ground in range hoods. In the past, it was still a niche product for premium devices, but more stringent EU energy efficiency requirements have changed this. The blowers installed are a key element for increasing energy efficiency.

With the new RadiFlex, ebmpapst has developed an economical, high-performance blower for a wide range of applications that can be flexibly integrated into a wide range of hood types. The compact RadiFlex delivers a lot of power with low energy consumption.

Suitable for almost any installation situation 
In terms of energy efficiency, there are numerous correlations with the design, function and suction power, regardless of whether the range hood is a built-in, diagonal, chimney or island hood. The RadiFlex's standardized connections enable it to be easily installed in range hoods. The housing is designed so that it can be used in almost any type of hood. For exhaust air mode, the blower is available with an optional non-return valve. This prevents the exhaust air from flowing back or outside air from flowing in. Protection against contact is integrated on the intake side as standard. Activated carbon filters for odor filtering can be attached at any time using the bayonet fittings on the housing. In addition to traditional exhaust air mode, the RadiFlex is also ideal for circulated air mode, which supports an energy-efficient construction and living. 

More compact, lighter and more economical
The dual flow blower can convey up to 930 cubic meters of air per hour (free air). Thanks to EC technology and a three-phase motor, it is possible to achieve high speeds without impairing the acoustics. Due to its high power density, the integrated EC motor is more compact and therefore consumes significantly fewer resources and weighs much less than a comparable AC motor: The total weight of the RadiFlex is only 1.9 kilograms, meaning that it is up to 20 percent lighter than comparable EC blowers. 

Ready for the future 
Smart functions are increasingly in demand in range hoods. Sensors that can analyze the kitchen fumes already exist. This means that the speed of the blower can be automatically adjusted to the actual suction requirements, depending on whether steam is currently rising or something is burning. It is also possible to couple it with the cooktop. Are all the hotplates running at full speed? Or is only one in operation? With the right hood control system, this information could be communicated directly to the blower, which can then be adjusted as required thanks to its speed control. The RadiFlex provides hood manufacturers with state-of-the-art and future-proof technology for broad use.

Post time: Dec-16-2022