DC axial fan-6314 / 2TDHHP-015

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The DC axial fan-6314/2TDHHP is a high-quality cooling solution to meet all your needs. Operating at 24v and a power of 67w, this fan delivers superior performance, making it the perfect choice for your cooling needs.

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This DC axial fan offers exceptional durability and is designed to last long. The use of high-quality materials and advanced technology ensures that it can withstand extreme conditions and perform efficiently for longer periods.

The fan offers superior cooling capabilities with its high air flow rate of 10.8m³/min and fast rotation of 2600 rpm. It is particularly suited to the cooling of electronic equipment, ventilation in factories or other industrial buildings, and any other high-performance cooling applications.

Some of the key advantages of our DC axial fan include its low noise levels, allowing for quiet operation, and its low power consumption, making it a cost-effective cooling solution for any application.

Our DC axial fan-6314/2TDHHP is an ideal choice for those looking for a durable and high-performing cooling solution. It incorporates advanced technology to offer superior performance, low noise levels, and low power consumption, making it the perfect choice for industrial or electronic equipment cooling applications.

In conclusion, whether you need to cool electronic equipment or ventilate an industrial building, the DC axial fan-6314/2TDHHP is the perfect choice for performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Choose our DC axial fan for a quality cooling solution today!

Technical Description

General description

3-phase fan drive with very smooth operation and high efficiency Housing with grounding lug for M4 x 8 screw (Torx) Power consumption when wide open; these values may be considerably higher at the operating point.


0.91 kg


172 x 160 x 51 mm

Impeller material

Glass-fiber reinforced PA plastic

Housing material

Die-cast aluminum

Airflow direction

Exhaust over struts

Direction of rotation

Counterclockwise, viewed toward rotor


Ball bearing

Service life L10 at 40 °C

62500 h

Service life L10 at maximum temperature

25000 h


with leads AWG 18, 20 or AWG 22, TR 64, speed signal and control input AWG 22


Nominal data

Type of voltage



Nominal voltage

in V


Nominal voltage range

in V

16 .. 36


in min-1


Power input

in W


Min. ambient temperature

in °C


Max. ambient temperature

in °C


Air flow

in m³/h


Sound power level

in B


Sound pressure level

in dB(A)







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