AC centrifugal fan- R4E355-AK05-05

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Introducing the powerful AC centrifugal fan – R4E355-AK05-05, designed to deliver high performance and reliability in various industrial applications. This fan has been developed by ebm, a leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is designed with a backward-curved impeller and a single inlet. These features enable the fan to provide efficient and economical air movement, while delivering a low noise output.

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AC centrifugal fan- R4E355-AK05-05


One of the key benefits of this fan is its efficient design, which ensures maximum airflow while maintaining low power consumption. The backward-curved impeller enables the fan to generate a high-pressure output, making it ideal for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as heating and cooling applications. This makes the R4E355-AK05-05 an ideal choice for businesses that want to optimize energy usage while still achieving peak performance.

With a diameter of 355mm, this AC centrifugal fan is compact and can be easily installed in a range of spaces. Its single inlet design also ensures ease of installation, as it only requires one duct connection. The fan is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long life. It is also designed with an integrated thermal protection system, which protects the motor from overheating, ensuring optimal performance over a prolonged period of time.

The R4E355-AK05-05 is also versatile, offering a range of adjustable speed settings to provide the right level of airflow required for different applications. It has a maximum airflow of up to 5,400 m³/h, making it an ideal solution for businesses that require high-volume airflow. The fan's backward-curved impeller design also ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum, making it an ideal choice for applications that require low noise levels, such as hospitals, libraries and offices.

In summary, the ebm R4E355-AK05-05 AC centrifugal fan is an efficient, reliable and durable solution for businesses that require high-performance air movement. Its efficient design, low noise output, and integrated thermal protection system make it an ideal choice for a range of industrial applications, including heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With its adjustable speed settings and single inlet design, it is also versatile and easy to install, making it a smart choice for businesses that need flexibility and convenience.

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