AC centrifugal fan- R2E280-AE52-05

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backward curved, single inlet

AC Backward-Curved Motorized Impeller

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Introducing the EBM AC centrifugal fan with the model number R2E280-AE52-05. This high-tech fan is designed to provide superior performance and reliability to various industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Equipped with a single inlet AC backward-curved motorized impeller, this fan is built to provide maximum airflow with minimum noise and vibration.

One of the most significant advantages of this EBM AC centrifugal fan is its backward-curved impeller design. This unique design allows the fan to operate more efficiently and consume less energy while providing a constant and steady airflow. The backward-curved blades are also less prone to dust accumulation, making them easier to maintain and clean.

The single inlet AC motor on this EBM AC centrifugal fan is a key feature that ensures smooth and quiet operation. The motor is designed to provide optimum power output while keeping the noise level low, resulting in a comfortable and quiet environment. This feature makes the EBM AC centrifugal fan ideal for applications where low noise levels are necessary, such as office buildings, hospitals, and libraries.

The R2E280-AE52-05 is a high-quality EBM AC centrifugal fan that is engineered to provide reliable and efficient performance. The fan's construction is of the highest quality with robust and durable materials making it ideal for long-term usage. This fan is also equipped with thermal protection, ensuring safety and preventing damage caused by overheating.

In terms of applications, this single inlet AC backward-curved motorized impeller is ideal for ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is suitable for use in HVAC equipment, air handling units, and heat recovery systems in industrial and commercial facilities.

In conclusion, the EBM AC centrifugal fan with the model number R2E280-AE52-05 is a powerful, efficient, and reliable cooling and ventilation solution. Its backward-curved impeller design, single inlet AC motor, and thermal protection features make it an ideal choice for use in various industrial and commercial applications. The fan is built to provide consistent and reliable performance with less noise and vibration, making it an excellent investment for those seeking long-lasting and trustworthy cooling and ventilation solutions.

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