ebm‑papst Further Strengthen Its Investment in China by “ONE Shanghai”

Shanghai, March 26th, 2024, the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, ebm‑papst, officially inaugurated its new China headquarters, “ONE Shanghai”. As a multinational corporation, ebm‑papst has always attached great importance to the Chinese market. In the 33,000 square meter building complex, ebm‑papst is consolidating its previous four locations in Shanghai.

Representatives from politics and industry, ebm‑papst shareholders and top management attended the opening ceremony. The shareholders Jan Philippiak and Ralf Sturm praise the investment on site: “This is another milestone in the success story of the ebm‑papst Group and our long-standing commitment in China. We can reflect on almost 30 years of successful cooperation between our German and Chinese teams. With this investment, we are further expanding our innovation leadership and our long-term development in the Chinese market.”

Upgrading to the next level, embracing a fresh start.
To foster collaboration and innovation, ebm‑papst has consolidated multiple facilities across different locations in Shanghai into its new headquarters, “ONE Shanghai” integrating offices, research and development, warehousing, and production. Located in Pudong, Shanghai, the new buildings span 33,000 square meters, comprising 11,000 square meters of warehouse space, 8,000 square meters of production area, 2,000 square meters of research laboratories, and 12,000 square meters of office space.

“ONE Shanghai” will significantly enhance its production, research and development, and operational efficiency in China, fostering agile services and accelerating innovation to the next level.

Diving deeper into the Chinese market to foster efficiency and innovation.
In 2005, ebm‑papst established a production base in Nanhui, Shanghai, followed by the opening of its largest R&D center outside Germany in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, in 2012. Today, the inauguration of the new headquarters, “ONE Shanghai” marks another significant milestone in its development in China.

The integrated new headquarters not only contributes to ebm‑papst’s enhanced production efficiency and response time to customers but also steadily elevates its local research and development capabilities. By offering smarter, more sustainable solutions, ebm‑papst aims to provide local customers with higher-quality products and services.
Dr. Klaus Geißdörfer, CEO of the ebm‑papst Group, expressed, “We think globally and act locally – this is why we are continuously expanding our sites in the APAC&MEA, Americas, and Europe regions and focusing on local markets. The Chinese market holds significant importance for ebm‑papst. We believe that the leverage of our solid technical know-how and extensive industry experience, coupled with a strong commitment to sustainability and digital innovation, will help us contribute to the rapid growth and development of the fan and motor industries in China.”

Customer-Centricity, Local for Local
In recent years, whether it’s the carbon peaking and neutrality goals of China or the ongoing upgrade of traditional manufacturing industries, the Chinese market has continued to present limitless opportunities. This aligns perfectly with ebm‑papst’s strategic pursuit of sustainability and intelligent development.

In order to optimally respond to customer needs and local market requirements, the ebm‑papst Group has been pursuing the strategy “local for local” for years. In addition to the new headquarters in Shanghai, ebm‑papst is expanding its factory in Xi’an. Looking across the APAC&MEA region, ebm‑papst expanded and renovated its office and warehouse center in Singapore last year, unveiled a new digital hub in India, and plans to expand its factory in India to increase production capacity. These initiatives will also have a global impact, improving regional supply chain efficiency to further benefit customers.

“At ebm‑papst, we are committed to a customer-centricity philosophy,” stated Thomas Nürnberger, Chief Sales Officer of ebm‑papst Group and CEO Air Technology of Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa regions. “Addressing customer needs proactively and continuously enhancing the innovation and service capabilities of our local teams have been our enduring brand commitment. With our new headquarters, we have laid the foundation for the further expansion of our business in China, and we will continue to deliver innovative, intelligent, and sustainable products and services. The new location enables us to ensure efficient and agile collaboration between all employees and offers us an attractive working environment.”
From left to right: Frank Mayer (COO of ebm-papst Group), Thomas Nürnberger (CSO of ebm-papst Group & CEO of Air Technology APAC & MEA), ebm-papst shareholders Ralf Sturm and Jan Philippiak, along with Jan Philippiak’s son, Mats Philippiak, and Klaus Geißdörfer (CEO of ebm-papst Group).

Post time: Apr-24-2024